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Alive and Thriving at 100

It’s truly special when parents, grandparents, and great-grandparents can know one another. Lucky for the Epperson and Wolfe Family, the wise sage and matriarch, Trudy, is alive and thriving at 100 years of age.

I’ve been photographing Judy Wolfe, her two sons, John and Jay, and her husband, Jody, since her sons were young boys, and photographing her grandsons and daughter-in-law since those boys were babies. Recently I had the honor of photographing the whole family in my Northfield Stapleton Studio. I was astonished at how aware, agile, bright and present great-grandmother Trudy was during the sitting. Sad to say, her memory seems better than mine!

We took photographs of the four generations together, then paired them in all sorts of combinations. The young boys are now fathers of sons older than John and Jay were when they first came for photos. What a treasure! A big thank-you to the whole family for choosing me as their photographer through the years. I’m truly grateful to document the story of your life.

Before they left, I asked Trudy if she had any words of wisdom after living for 100 years. Her reply? “Yes, many.” No doubt. One hundred years of life. Imagine that.