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A Day at Anchor Center for Blind Children

I packed all of my camera equipment and got into my Mini red sleigh.
After unloading it all at the Anchor Center for Blind Children, it was then time to play.
With the help of Dawn and some elves, one of the rooms was made into a photo studio. Hooray, hooray!

‘Twas two days before Christmas, the energy was high.
As the children saw Santa, eyes filled with delight.
Some of the children could see a tiny bit, some not at all,
but they felt his presence and all were enthralled.

Some of the children came in for photos with siblings, some with parents, grandparents, and in a few cases I photographed just the children by themselves. I wanted to make sure I captured their beauty and the relationships amongst family members. I found myself watching very carefully, gently guiding, waiting… waiting for that connection between mother and child, waiting for the child to have her or his head in just the right position that the viewer could truly see the child’s beauty.

By the end of the day, I had photographed 35 children and families. I was moved by the warmth and caring that abounded throughout the school. The Anchor Center for Blind Children is filled with love. For me, this was the best Christmas I could have asked for.