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Stailey Family

Ann came to me many moons ago wanting photographs of her family. Little did I know that I would photograph both of her daughter’s, Hanna and Lyndsey standing in their wedding dresses in front of the same mirror Ann and her Mom each stood in front of when they were preparing to be married.

I am not only the keeper of people’s stories through the generations of photographs I make, I get to watch and listen to people as their lives evolve. I met the Stailey Family when Ann and Bob brought their young daughters to the studio.

Since I began photographing this beautiful family, I have gotten to know them and have been moved by the love they share in the world and as a family. Bob has since died and his memory lives on in all of us. The girls are now married and I have photographed both of Lyndsey’s babies. Ann brought her mother in recently along with her daughters, son in laws, and grandchildren. Talking with four generations of family members and having the gift of photographing them is a remarkable experience.

It warms my heart hearing what everyone is doing in their lives, watching them grow and feeling as though they are like family to me.

I highly encourage having professional photographs made to hang on your walls and to give to your children when they get older. While photography in digital form has its ease and joy, there is nothing like looking at years of photographs on the walls that tell the story of our family and of our lives.

Flower Series


Gratitude for our amazing clients!

Reece, Marianne and I are ever grateful for all of you who come to the studio and give us the opportunity to be part of your life through the Art of Photography. The relationships we build with each of you matter to us. You matter to us. We recognize that as the face of photography changes, you have numerous choices to meet your photographic needs. Please keep us in mind for future photos. We also appreciate your referrals as it brings us great pleasure making portraits of friends and family. It is also important that we keep growing and do our best to meet your needs. If there is something we are not offering that you wish to see us provide, feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

In grace and gratitude.
Katy, Reece and Marianne

Mitzner Family

I have been photographing Ronnie and her children since they were quite young. Now she is bringing her grandchildren. I find such delight in not only seeing families as they grow, but learning about what roads families travel and how their journey through time has affected them as human beings. Getting to photograph a new generation of a family is a remarkable gift. I am grateful.