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  • Welcome to my blog!

    Welcome to Denver Photographer Katy Tartakoff’s world of photography. With more than 35 years of photographing people all over the world, from birth through death, Katy loves photography more than ever.

    In this blog, Katy will be sharing her adventures in and out of the studio as she professionally documents the the spirit of life shining through the eyes of her subjects.

    You can follow her on Facebook as well. We invite your feedback, suggestions, thoughts and requests.

    In grace and gratitude.
    Katy, Marianne and Reece

Gratitude for our amazing clients!

Reece, Marianne and I are ever grateful for all of you who come to the studio and give us the opportunity to be part of your life through the Art of Photography. The relationships we build with each of you matter to us. You matter to us. We recognize that as the face of photography changes, you have numerous choices to meet your photographic needs. Please keep us in mind for future photos. We also appreciate your referrals as it brings us great pleasure making portraits of friends and family. It is also important that we keep growing and do our best to meet your needs. If there is something we are not offering that you wish to see us provide, feel free to contact us by phone or by email.

In grace and gratitude.
Katy, Reece and Marianne

The Three Musketeers

At the age of 5, these three girls became fast friends.

From grade school graduation through upcoming high school graduation, the three young women have laughed their way through life. Looking through the lens, I saw three beautiful young women who clearly have a zest for life. At times I could picture them as little girls, tickling each other and giggling. I also saw three young women ready to set out into the world
to experience new adventures.

On behalf of myself, Reece and Marianne, we wish all of you seniors a magical time as the world is revealed through you and as you.

Mitzner Family

I have been photographing Ronnie and her children since they were quite young. Now she is bringing her grandchildren. I find such delight in not only seeing families as they grow, but learning about what roads families travel and how their journey through time has affected them as human beings. Getting to photograph a new generation of a family is a remarkable gift. I am grateful.

Jannine & Julia

Jannine and Julia, along with Grandma and Grandpa, came into the studio and we immediately went to the play area so Julia could take time to adjust to a new environment. Little by little, the serious face melted away and was replaced with a smile that lit up the room. As with most two year olds, keeping Julia engaged was the key to great photos. Up in the air, sitting on shoulders, hanging upside down, and spinning are often the best way to make photos that capture the joy and the relationship between family members. What shows in the photos is pure love. May we all be so blessed!