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Josh, Kristy and Emma

In February of 2013, my nephew Josh came to Colorado for an interview to go to medical school. While here, he found out he was accepted into Rocky Vista University of Osteopathic Medicine. Yes, I am a proud and bragging aunt. All of my nieces and nephews are amazing. I love them dearly and am grateful to have a sweet relationship with each of them.

I digress. In July of 2013, Josh, his wife Kristy and one month old baby Emma arrived in Colorado. It is the first time since I moved here in 1973 that I have had family living here.

I feel like the cobbler who has no shoes. It was difficult to get Josh and his family to come in to the studio for nice portraits. He does not love having his photo made and was very busy with med school. Kristy and Emma came a couple of times without my nephew. The day finally came when I got the three of them in and I was thrilled.

Yes, I made photos most of the times we visited. They are fun and wonderful to have. However, not the same as a clean, simple photo without all of the distractions.

On June 15th, Emma turned a year old. I hope you enjoy the progression with the final photo being Emma running down the sidewalk on her first Fourth of July. I am in a little bit of heaven as I get to spend time with Josh and his family. Watching Emma growing up is a treat I savor along with the time I get to spend with all three of them.